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Financial Information

Financial Statement                                                                                                                                                   

 June 30, 2015      

ASSETS Dollar Amounts in Thousands  
Cash & Balance due: Noninterest-bearing Balances   5,253
Cash & Balances due: Interest-bearing balances   25.641
Securities: Held to Maturity Securities    0
Securities: Available-for-Sale 88,107
Fed Funds Sold 0
Securities purchased under agreement to resell 0
Loans and leases held for sale 0
Loans and leases, net of unearned income 97,150
Less: Allowance for loan and lease losses 1,795
Loans and leases, net of unearned income and allowance 95,355
Trading Assets 0
Premises and fixed assets 1,065
Other Real Estate Owned 0
Intangible Assets: Other Intangible Assets 496
Other Assets 2,501
Total Assets 218,418
Deposits: In domestic offices 185,684
Deposits: In domestic offices, noninterest-bearing 27,753
Deposits: In domestic offices, interest-bearing 157,931
Federal Funds Purchased 0
Securities sold under agreements to repurchase 0
Trading Liabilities 0
Other borrowed money 0
Subordinated notes and debentures 0
Other Liabilities 1,805
Total Liabilities 187,489
Equity Capital  
Common Stock 210
Surplus 23,790
Retained earnings 7,531
Accumulated and other comprehensive income -602
Total bank equity 30,929
Total liabilities and equity capital 218,418