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Financial Information

Financial Statement                                                                                                                                                     

 May 13, 2013  

 Assets                                                                                                                                                                                    Dollar Amounts in Thousands         

Cash & Balance due: Noninterest-bearing Balances   2,971
Cash & Balances due: Interest-bearing balances   12,621
Securities: Held to Maturity Securities    0
Securities: Available-for-Sale 55,362
Fed Funds Sold 0
Securities purchased under agreement to resell 0
Loans and leases held for sale 0
Loans and leases, net of unearned income 111,133
Less: Allowance for loan and lease losses 1,810
Loans and leases, net of unearned income and allowance 109,323
Trading Assets 0
Premises and fixed assets 1,057
Other Real Estate Owned 0
Intangible Assets: Other Intangible Assets 338
Other Assets 2,288
Total Assets 183,960
Deposits: In domestic offices 143,070
Deposits: In domestic offices, noninterest-bearing 24,530
Deposits: In domestic offices, interest-bearing 118,540
Federal Funds Purchased 0
Securities sold under agreements to repurchase 0
Trading Liabilities 0
Other borrowed money 10,000
Subordinated notes and debentures 0
Other Liabilities 1,704
Total Liabilities 154,774
Equity Capital  
Common Stock 210
Surplus 23,790
Retained earnings 4,689
Accumulated and other comprehensive income 497
Total bank equity 29,186
Total liabilities and equity capital 183,960