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Mortgage Loan Rates

Effective as of

Loan Term/Points Paid
Payment Amount
15 Year 0 Points
20 Year 0 Points
30 Year 0 Points

*APR - Annual Percentage Rate

An Appraisal Fee of $350.00, a Mortgage Credit Report Fee of either $18.67 for Single or $35.54 for Joint Report, and an Underwriting Fee of $335.00, for a total of $703.67 or $720.54 will be assessed to the applicant to process an application.  The above APR's reflect any points charged and the underwriting fees based on a $50,000.00 loan amount with closing in the middle of the month. Twenty percent downpayment. Additional closing costs to third parties will be charged at closing.

All rates above are based on 75% loan to value for purchases or  "No Cash Out Refinancings". Other conditions may affect the final APR.

Rate locks will be made after the application process is complete and the appraisal is received.  The borrower must pay the applicable points to the bank before the rate can be locked.  For 0 point loans we will collect 1% of loan amount, which is refundable to borrower at closing, or applied to all other closing costs.  Rate locks are not to exceed 30 days.

All rates are subject to change.  These rates do not constitute any loan commitment by Citizens Bank.  All applicants are subject to credit approval.  For most current rates, contact a mortgage loan representative at 270-465-8193.