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Account Alerts

With Account Alerts, you get free* updates about your Citizens Bank account delivered directly to your e-mail address or mobile phone.

What you get

A wide range of valuable, time-saving updates about your account, including:

Balance Alerts inform you when the available balance in checking or savings goes above or below a certain amount.

Event Alerts keeps you up-to-date on many of your bank services such as: CD maturities, loan maturities, insufficient funds, statements, bill payments, etc.

Items Alerts notify you whenever checks are presented for payment and let you track specific checks.

Personal Alert Message Set up your own alert to remind you of important dates and times.

How it works

You can have alerts sent to your email address or mobile phone.

You can set up and manage alerts preferences for you accounts through your ExpressNet Online Banking Account.


*Citizens Bank does not charge you a fee for using the Citizens Account Alerts Service. However, your wireless carrier may charge you for messages you receive from us related to this service.