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Mobile Banking

Your cell phone is more than just a way to update your Facebook status or get directions when you're lost. With our free mobile banking services, you can use it to access your CBT accounts anytime, anywhere.

Stay on top of your accounts no matter where you are. Mobile banking makes it easy! The best part- you don't even need a smartphone to use it. As long as your phone can send a receive text messages you can bank from the palm of your hand.

With Mobile Banking you can:

  • Pay bills
  • Transfer funds
  • Explore detailed account activity
  • View balance activity
  • Find ATMs and locations
  • View alerts

*Update does not apply to downloadable iPhone and Android Apps

For iPhones and Android devices an app is available at the App Store and Google Play. The app is free for download.
Click the links below to access the app.

Click to download app  Click to download app

Don't have an iPhone or Android phone? No problem. Simply follow the steps below and access your account information to make transactions from your phone's web browser. Citizens Mobile Bankins provides fast, free*, and easy access to your accounts.

Enrolling for Mobile Banking

Step 1.

Log onto your ExpressNet account at

Step 2.

Select Options>Mobile Setting>Web Mobile Banking.

Click the box next to any accounts you want to be able to access from your cell phone. You may choose one or all of your accounts. You can edit this selection at any time.

Enter your mobile phone number in the boxes provided.

Select your wireless provider in the drop-down menu.

Reveiw the Mobile Banking Agreement and click "I Agree."

A text message with enrollment confirmation will be sent to your mobile device following the completion of the Mobile Settings.

You may now begin using your mobile phone to access your accounts.

Step 3.

Access the CBTKY Mobile site at and enter your ID and password. (NOTE: Some iPhone browsers require the following link to access the Mobile Site (

Don't have a smart phone? No problem. Simply follow the steps below to set up Text Banking.


Text Banking

Text Banking is a free* service which allows you to quickly request and receive account information via text message. Citizens' Text Banking is just as secure as our other eBanking services.

Step 1. Log into ExpressNet

Step 2. Select Options>Mobile Settings>Text Mobile Banking

Step 3. Enter in your mobile phone number, select accounts to access via text and create a Mobile Short Name for each selected account. Click Submit.

Step 4. Review enrollment information. Click I accept these full terms and conditions and click Confirm.

Step 5. Text the validation code provided on the confirmation screen - Citizens Bank's short code to complete the enrollment process.

 Most popular text comands:

  • Bal = All Acct Bal
  • Bal Acct Name = Single Acct Bal
  • Hist = All Accts Recent Activity
  • Hist Acct Name - Single Acct Activity
  • Help = Commands
  • Stop - Cancel

Valid SMS Messages

5-digit number - Security code to be sent when enrolling originally or changing enrollment information

Help - Returns command references

Bal - Returns balance for all enrolled accounts.

Bal - Returns balance for specific accounts

Hist - Returns last 4 transactions for all enrolled accounts

Hist - Returns last 4 transactions for specifed account.

Stop - Disables enrollment for text mobile banking.

Note: Messages are not case sensitive. The mobile short name is the name that will be included in the text request information for a specific account.

*There is no fee from Citizens Bank & Trust Company. Connectivity and usage rates may apply. Contact your wireless service provider for more details. _