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Citizens Express Visa Debit Card

Pay for anything and get cash anytime, anywhere.  The money for every purchase you make comes directly from your checking account. So there's never a bill or interest to pay later.

It's a faster, easier way to pay for virtually anything.  You never have to hassle with writing checks or carrying around a lot of cash. Just pay with your Citizens Express Debit Card at millions of places worldwide, anywhere VISA is accepted. You can use it for practically anything, including:

  • Groceries
  • Movie tickets
  • Gas
  • Online Purchases
  • Phone Orders
  • Shopping

To apply for you free debit card, stop by any of our convenient locations and complete a very short application.

Faster Than Checks.
Safer Than Cash.

A better way to make all of your everyday 
purchases. The Citizens Express Debit Card 
offers security and convenience - your
checkbook may become a thing of the past!.




Store your Citizens Express Visa debit card on your mobile device:

  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Samsung Pay

Learn more about setting up your mobile devices.

A New Way to Pay

The mobile wallet offers built-in unique security 
features with acceptance and security of your 
Citizens Express Visa debit card.



Instant Express Debit Cards

Need a debit card? Simply visit our Main Office on Main Street and we will make one for you on the spot! 

It's inconvenient to be without your debit card for even a few days. That's why we're introducing instant issue debit card replacement. No waiting for the mail. No calling to activate. No worries!

  • Receive a card the same day you visit our Main Office
  • Low cost, convenient service
  • Saves time and no waiting on the mail
  • Start making purchases right away
  • Embossed numbers and lettering
  • Citizens Bank branded

For more information about instant issue cards, call us today at 270-465-8193.

Ready In Minutes

Just come into our Main Branch and we'll 
create an embossed, ready-to-use debit card 
in minutes. It's just like the card you would 
get in the mail, only faster.