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Other Personal Banking Services

Citizens Bank has many other personal products to fulfill your banking needs.  From ATM cards to processing International Wires we have a multitude of services to choose from.  Just read below to see if we have a service that's right for you!

Star ATM Card

A Star ATM card can be used worldwide wherever the STAR or PLUS logo is displayed.  The card is free of charge to our customers and there are no service charges as long you use your card at any Citizens Bank ATM.

Cashiers Checks

Need a secure way to send money, then a cashiers check may be the product you're looking for.  Citizens Bank Club Members receive 5 free cashiers checks per month.  For Non-Club Members there is a $3.00 fee per check.

Travelers Checks

Getting away for a while, but unsure if you want to take only cash on your vacation, Citizens Bank offers travelers checks to our customers and non-customers.  Our Club members can receive 1 person travelers checks for free and 2 person checks for .50 per hundred dollars purchased.  For Non-Club Members and non-customers the charge is 1.00 per hundred on 1 person travelers checks and 1.50 per hundred on 2 person travelers checks.

Domestic & International Wires

Need to send money to another bank, out of state, or overseas quickly, then you may consider a wire transfer.  On Domestic incoming or outgoing wires the following charges apply Club Members $5.00 per wire for incoming or outgoing,  Non-Club Members $5.00 incoming and $10.00 outgoing per wire, and non-customers $10.00 incoming and $15.00 outgoing per wire.  For International Wires there is a $50.00 flat fee for all customers.

Internet Banking with Bill Pay

Citizens Bank & Trust provides you with convenient, secure, password-protected access to all your accounts, day or night, from anywhere in the world.

Our ExpressNet Internet banking allows you to:

  • Review all of your accounts on one screen.
  • Check current balances.
  • View daily account activity - keep track of withdrawals, deposits, and payments.
  • Transfer funds internally.
  • Reorder checks.
  • Pay bills online with Power Pay.

To speak with a Customer Service Representative regarding any of our Personal Banking products, contact us at 270-465-8193 or e-mail