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Citizens Commercial Checking

Citizens Commercial Checking offers many features-

That can improve your business's cash flow and increase operating efficiency.

How does analyzed checking work?

Earnings Credit:  The earnings credit is based on the previous months average for the 13 week Treasury Bills. The earnings credit will adjust monthly and will be applied to offset the basic monthly fee and credit, debit, and deposited items fee.

Other Charges: The cost of handling your account will be applied against the earnings credit. The following charges will be considered the cost of handling the account.

  • Account Maintenance $5.00 per cycle (waived with e-mail statement delivery)
  • Deposits: .25 per deposit
  • Items Deposited: .06 per item
  • Checks Drawn: .10 per check
  • Night Depository: $10.00 per month
  • Coins Issued: .05 per roll
  • Currency Issued: $1.00 per $1000.00

Citizens Bank does not charge our business customers for cash items (checks) returned against their business account.

No minimum balance required.

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