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In the Community

Our bank is only as successful as the community it serves.

Citizens Bank and Trust is fortunate to serve a wonderful community with dynamic businesses, energetic, spirit-filled schools and people who care about each other. We take pride and acknowledge that it's a privilege and a responsibility to support the activities that matter most to our customers. Our employees give generously of their time and attention to local causes.

Supporting Schools and Students

Nothing is more important to the long-term success of our communities than education for our children. Citizens Bank and Trust sponsors a range of activities that support local schools and students.


Each year, Citizens Bank and Trust offers high school seniors the opportunity to apply for the Dr. William H. Olson Scholarship. This scholarship is for students who are pursuing an undergraduate education related to the medical field of study. Visit the scholarship page HERE.

Branch Activities

Throughout the year, each branch participates in special programs to support local schools and other non-profit organizations.

Community Links

Free credit scores.

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