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Identity Theft

Citizens Bank & Trust wants to help protect you from identity theft but we can only help you. 

It is your responsibility to become informed about fraud and identity theft. Fraudulent email (also called phishing, spoofing or imposter email) and fake Web sites are being used to trick people into providing personal information that can then be used for identity theft.

Citizens' fraud prevention and security systems protect you with latest encryption technology and secured email communication. You can also take steps to help reduce the risk.

Safeguard your Social Security number

  • Never provide your Social Security number unless you have initiated the contact and have confirmed the business or person's identity
  • Do not use your full or partial Social Security number as a Personal Identification Number (PIN) or a password
  • If you must provide your Social Security number in an email or on a Website, ensure that it is encrypted, and you know how the recipient will protect it
  • Do not record your Social Security number on a check, traveler's check, gift certificates, etc. unless required by law
  • Don't carry your Social Security card and be cautious of your surroundings when disclosing your Social Security number

Eliminate paper

  • Reduce the amount of mail and paper with your personal information printed on it to reduce the chance of criminals stealing it
  • Stop receiving paper account statements and canceled checks. View and download them online instead
  • Sign up for direct deposit to have your funds put directly in your account without paper checks

Secure your computer

  • Anti-spyware and anti-virus protection detects and removes viruses and spyware, which can steal vital information
  • A firewall prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to a computer, or monitoring transfers of information to and from the computer
  • Operating system and software updates, sometimes called "patches" or "service packs," should be installed as soon as possible
  • Web browser updates are deployed with your security in mind so keep them current - check to see if your computer meets security requirements