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William Olson Scholarship

2024 Olson Scholarship Application

The Trustees of the Dr. William H. Olson Scholarship Trust are pleased to announce the open application period for the 2022 scholarship. The application period is open now through May 19, 2024.

Dr. William H. Olson generously endowed this scholarship trust to help eligible students from Taylor County High School, Campbellsville High School and Green County High School pursue undergraduate educational programs related to the medical field of practicing physicians and BSN degreed nurses.

The monetary opportunities through this scholarship focus help to the student as they progress through their upper levels of study. The total opportunity is $8,000 towards either an undergraduate nursing BSN or pre-medical program with the appropriate concentrations in Math and Science sufficient to satisfy entry requirement at an accredited Medical School of the scholar’s choice. The following levels are the projected reimbursements beginning Fall 2024: Year 1: $1,000; Year 2: $1,500; Year 3: $2,500; Year 4: $3,000.

Dr. Olson was educated at the Harvard Medical School, completed his medical internship at the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts and was an associate professor of neurology and anatomy at the Vanderbilt University of Medicine. He later developed an academic neurology program at the University of North Dakota School of Medicine and later became the first chairman of the newly formed Department of Neurology at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Always the consummate clinician, Dr. Olson was recognized worldwide for his research and discoveries in the basic chemical and neurology sciences in addition to his educational philosophies and programs.

Dr. Olson was invited to Taylor Regional Hospital many years ago and began caring for local patients. Shortly thereafter he bought a small farm and made his home in Taylor County. He dearly loved the people in this area as much as he did the practice of medicine. He continued to attend to patients in the Taylor County area as well as at the University of Louisville for a number of years before being diagnosed and succumbing to cancer on July 5, 2004.

Out of his deep affection for the people of this area Dr. Olson endowed this substantial scholarship trust solely for the love and pursuit of medical knowledge and understanding. It was Dr. Olson’s dream that this Trust would be a model for other similar scholarship endowments or be the recipient of other charitable and tax-deductible contributions to further the wonderful purpose of educating local students in the field of medicine. The Trust, certified as a 501(c)3 charitable organization, is administered by Mark Johnson, President and CEO of Citizens Bank & Trust Company, Craig Cox, Attorney of Campbellsville and Dr. Stephen Hinton, close friend and colleague of Dr. Olson.

Successful applicants for the Dr. William H. Olson Scholarship demonstrate excellence in character, academic achievement, community service and overall ability in addition to a mature commitment to clinical practice. Information and applications for scholarship consideration can be obtained at the eligible schools through their guidance counselor programs or at the Main Office of Citizens Bank & Trust Company of Campbellsville.

2024 Olson Scholarship Application APPLY

Questions or requests for information can be forward to or (270) 465-8193.

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